Junior Business Consultant

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Job Description  

Salespeople create the client’s first impression of the company. Prospecting is done entirely by the marketing department, however Sales is responsible for qualifying, following-up with, and demonstrating the product to the lead with the goal of ultimately turning them into a client. 

Our sales culture is energetic, driven, and friendly. We collaborate and help each other grow and succeed. All the sales materials, scripts, and systems are pre-built and you will receive daily, world-class training to master them and continuously fine-tune your skills. If you are NOT a lifelong learner, driven to constantly improve towards excellence instead of rest in adequacy, then please do not bother applying.

DK  salespeople are not expected to maintain relationships with new clients once closed; their focus is entirely on generating new revenue through the door. In that vein, sales people are expected to, for lack of a better word, hustle. We expect our salespeople to work as long and as hard as it takes to meet their targets.

What This Job Entails

  • Taking Introductory calls to qualify potential new clients
  • Calling leads that have opt’d in to materials to receive from us
  • Respond to new leads and get them on a call
  • Providing ongoing feedback on lead quality to the marketing department.
  • Miscellaneous tasks relating to client sales, as needed
  • Full-time position: between 35-50 hours a week depending on schedule
  • Promotion to Sales Closer if job is successful 

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