Set up to SELL or TELL?

By Kasey Ace

I get tons of visitors to my site but no ones buying” - I hear this line AT LEAST once a week from a founder.

And I get it…

I was there before

Spending thousands on ads and other traffic channels and not getting any customers

It must be the ads, right?


It was the site.

And not meaning like there were technical errors on the website, or that I needed to add more photos.

The key problem with my site: It was not set up to sell, it was set up to tell.

My site was so focused on just telling people to buy

And not guiding people to the sell.

In the physical world, stores are set up strategically to sell.

From Target setups, to Saks - these physical stores are setup to guide you to a sell

But we often forget that in the digital world.

I’m here to tell you - it may not be the ads, it may be the site.

Have you set up your site to sell or tell?

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