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Yolanda + Rick Williams are powerhouse entrepreneurs out of Detroit, MI (Kasey's hometown!). They came to us in Jan of 2021 ready to acquire more customers after growing organically over the past 4 years. After a stint in retail, they quickly realized they wanted to be more DTC focused and partnered with us to increase visibility on Facebook + Instagram,

2021 - Current
How we helped

We began our partnership auditing the Facebook Ads account to find areas for immediate impact and growth. In the first 30 days of partnership, we increased revenues 78%.

After we optimized and improved Facebook, we began optimizing for email campaigns with the goal of increasing retention and overall customer LTV. By the end of 2021, 10 months into our partnership, we increased LTV by 320% and Cream Blends celebrated its largest year to date.

I can't say enough about Kasey and the entire DK team. From Day 1 they have treated our brand like it was theirs in the way that they care about the growth and success on everything we do. They are experts in this field, and I fully trust them to handle everything when it comes to the digital side of the house!

Yolanda Williams

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