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As the owners of Tie Boss and avid outdoor enthusiasts ourselves, we know firsthand what a pain hoisting, storing, hauling, and loading can be. The thought of manhandling heavy gear and fussing with corroded ratchets and tie downs can easily kill any sort of motivation we had to get out at all. Honestly, though, it has always been about more than just the hassle for us. Before Tie Boss, we found ourselves, repeatedly, loading our trucks and then spending the better part of the drive watching in the rearview mirror, hoping our rigging would hold. When we discovered just how easy Tie Boss was to use and how securely it held our stuff, we knew it was a game-changer. So, we bought the company.

3/01/2022 - Current
Tie Boss
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PAID MEDIA | DK and Tieboss restructured how the brand is being viewed to tackle profitable growth and start partnering with influencers in the space. Also we went to the drawing board to see who's been the 20% of customers that we need to go for in this current season of the year to start driving down the MER and increasing the overall ROAS. At the TOF we start diversifying our channels such as Tiktok to drive more people to the store. At the bottom of the funnel, new customers were then nurtured through email marketing. The Results | After different testing campaign DK transformed May '22 all-time low into an all-time high with … More than 157% Blended ROAS 2.13 And, MER decreased to 47%

EMAIL | DK and TIeboss restructured the customer buying journey to tackle profitable growth and focus on how it's being viewed in the space by partnering with different creators. So the DK team went to the drawing board and redesign the welcome automation since that would be the make-or-break of our strategy. The team went in and build a 5-part email sequence going into all the benefits that the product offer, but more importantly we start highlighting the brand more so that people can start relating to the brand and the mission. Next to that, the DK team designed and structured a robust campaign strategy that focused on highly segmented subscribers based on where they were in the funnel (new vs returning customers) what products they had bought, and the frequency they bought. Dk also started sending post-purchase surveys to more data from our customers so the paid media team could leverage. The Results | After optimizing the welcome automation, Tieboss's Email from Revenue has increased to 28% of revenue $5.73/recipient

Tie Boss

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