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Greg Yuna:

About the project

Greg Yüna is a luxury jewelry brand founded in 2017 by prominent NYC jeweler, Greg Yüna. Yüna’s creativity and unique aesthetic drive the design direction of the company’s contemporary collections of precious jewelry, apparel, accessories, and artwork. From rings and necklaces to pendants and earrings, the Greg Yüna collections reflect a clean modern aesthetic and fine craftsmanship infused with passion and bold sophistication Upon teaming up with Digital Kairos (DK) at the end of 2020, the brand had only made ~$30k through their eCommerce shop. Most of the revenue was through offline platforms, and they wanted a more consistent flow of revenue through their online store. To achieve the initial goal of hitting consistent revenue through eCommerce, Greg Yüna needed to dramatically increase traffic against the challenge of an AOV of around $850.

12/1/2020 - 12/31/2021
Greg Yuna
How we helped

Within the first 12 months, Greg Yuna almost 10x their online sales. Online store sales are up by 1121% compared to 2019-2020.

Greg Yuna

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