Diggin Her Roots Boutique

Diggin Her Roots Boutique

About the project

Leeand Diggs is the Founder + CEO of Diggin Her Roots Boutique, a women's clothing boutique focused on serving and employing women across the African Diaspora. We began our partnership with Leeand at the beginning of 2021, and by the end of 2021 helped her reach her first 6-figure month.

2021 - Current
Diggin Her Roots Boutique
How we helped

The first step in our partnership with DHR was to uncover growth areas to increase returns on ad spend. Prior to our partnership, DHR acquired traffic mostly through ads, but was not hyper-focused on targeting her key persona. After some quick tweaks in ad targeting, we were able to maintain FB ad performance around 3.5x ROAS (during iOS 14.5 shifts).

After optimizing ads, we then partnered with DHR to improve creative, increasing her CTR from 1.8% to ~4% within a few weeks. Further, we partnered with DHR to begin diversifying acquisition channels to include Email, SMS, and Google Shopping + Search Ads. Increasing average monthly revenues from $40k to $80k profitably in 5 months.

Working with the DK team has been amazing for myself and the business. I really see the entire team as true growth partners, and I've never had that with an other agency. They truly care about my success as a brand!

Leeand Diggs
Diggin Her Roots Boutique

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